The Best Esport Gaming Sleeve

The Best Esport Gaming Sleeve

So, your really interested in Esports and your looking for a Compression Sleeve to improve your gameplay? Well, you are on the right adress! At Flexo we offer the best and most comfortable gaming esport compression sleeves worldwide. The Gaming sleeves we offer are from high quality Lycra fabric. One size fits all. The purpose of the high end gaming compression sleeve is to improve your gameplay. You want to win championships right? Well Flexo helps you on the way!  Right now we offer 3 different high-quality compression sleeves. 

Flexo Pro Gaming Sleeve Classic
Flexo Pro Gaming Sleeve Woodland
Flexo Pro Gaming Sleeve Leaf

FLEXO Pro Gaming Sleeve has a sleek design and premium fabric. Compression increases circulation and boosts performance. Features sweat-wicking material and flat seams. When a millisecond can mean the difference between victory and defeat, the control from our compression ratio is what separates the champions from everyone else. The combination that we use in our sleeves is super comfortable It does not matter which one you choose, you will get a perfect balance keeping you cold in the hot days and hot in the hard winter. Your arm is going to be READY TO AIM!

We combine the necessity of professional-grade quality and durability with our unyielding pursuit of simple, modern design. Every switch, material, and key is designed with the gamer's move in mind. It’s our goal to deliver gaming peripherals that feel like an extension of you. Our designers hand-pick every material to make sure you have a beautiful product and our engineers test every feature, ensuring tournament-ready quality for gamers everywhere.

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