Why use a compression sleeve?

Why use a compression sleeve?

There are various different scenarios in which you may have heard of or seen compression arm sleeves. Perhaps it was at your gym, overheard of at the doctor’s office or maybe someone you know wears them daily. But what are compression arm sleeves used for exactly? What problems do they address? Here is your guide to how the specially designed garment works and the purpose of compression sleeves

1. Help circulate blood
2. Prevents Muscle Soreness
3. Aids in Muscle Recovery
4. Provides Protection From The Sun
5. Protects Arms In Contact Sports
6. Can be used for warmth
7. Make you look cool

Even if you’re not exactly sure about wearing compression arm sleeves, it’s worth giving it a try. I was skeptical about compression calf sleeves until I wore them and experienced how much they helped.

There’s a good chance that once you put on a pair of compression arm sleeves, you’ll realize just how useful they are and how much more comfortable your runs are now—both in the summer and the winter!

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