Flexo Gaming Performance Wear

Flexo Gaming Esports Compression Sleeve

We all know compression sleeves are the way to go! With the Flexo Gaming Performance Wear you are set to win bigger and better championships. Are you tired of dealing with the lack of precision in your video games? Or not being able to do the same shot twice because your muscular memory lacks good memory? Or feeling your skin against different surfaces missing consistency? Precision for YOU is nothing more than the probability to obtain the same results every single time, again, and again until there is nobody left on the battlefield. Everyday we face different challenges as GAMERS, we got to face that not everything that we do is how we planned them. We have some inconsistencies and most of the time is because of that feeling against different surfaces, if it’s not always the same, you can’t do the same every time. Also even though you are not running or lifting weight our muscles need to be warm up in order to perform as PRO as we want to. If you control this aspects is going to be easier to repeat that flick shot of your last match.

So… now that we know the problem, what can we do to solve it? We introduce you our new Flexo Gaming Performance Wear, it doesn’t matter how your gaming style is, or if you have a fingertip grip, claw grip or palm grip. Our gaming sleeves are made from a specialized material to keep your muscles warm and tight so they can work in the most precise way possible. We think in all of our GAMERS and we have different presentations, if you want to total control of your arm with the perfect amount of compression, we have our Gaming Sleeves made just for YOU! It will keep your muscles warm and with that you are going to be able to improve your aiming accuracy in game.

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